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MOPACA Education

MOPACA is committed to providing high quality education for its members, for veterinary students and other professionals, and for the general public.

For Members

Education for members is provided both formally and informally. Each year a Winter Seminar is held for alpaca owners and breeders. The seminar is focuses on topics of interest to alpaca farmers.  Recent topics have included:

  • Decision-making about options for processing fleece
  • Preventing and controlling parasites in your herd
  • Color genetics for breeding decisions
  • Business planning for alpaca farmers
  • Soil health

Occasionally a noon-time seminar is held for alpaca owners on Saturday during the MOPACA show. Some topics have included addressing parasites, travel stress, and federal regulations for travel.

MOPACA sponsors other educational opportunities from time to time.  We have sponsored neonatal seminars, training on conducting your own fecal examinations, and other topics.

The MOPACA quarterly newsletter also includes regular education about topics relating to alpaca care and products.

Education for Veterinary Students and Other Professionals

Each year at the MOPACA show, a Silent Auction is conducted to raise money for grants for students. We believe it is important to increase knowledge of camelid health as well as use of camelid fiber in textiles.  More information on the grant program is here.

General Public

MOPACA provides education about alpacas and farming alpacas to the general public in a variety of ways:
  • This website provides information about alpacas for the general public.
  • MOPACA's Facebook page is geared towards the general public and includes posts about alpacas, alpaca fiber, and public events featuring alpacas.
  • The annual MOPACA show is free and open to the public, and the show is heavily promoted in the Kansas City area to encourage attendance.
  • Media interviews are conducted whenever possible to provide broad education about alpacas. 
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