The MOPACA Invitational Alpaca Show is an excellent venue for public exposure to alpacas and alpaca products. Each year attendance grows as we see new folks coming to see the alpacas, and many visitors return every year!

Publicity for the MOPACA Invitational Alpaca Show includes a variety of approaches that reach interested individuals and groups. Our goal is to inform as many potential exhibitors, competitors, vendors and visitors about the show as possible.

“The MOPACA Alpaca show is one of the best organized and most profitable shows that we set up with our panels and sell our products.” –Wade Presley, Kritter-Keeper

Email blasts focus on various show events, including the photo contest, spin-off competition, fiber arts and skein competitions, halter show, fleece show, show book advertising, vendors, and general registration.

“Masterful organization and great crowd. MOPACA – Top of the list of our shows.” –Robin Goety

In 2016, MIAS was listed on twelve different website calendars and event listings, including,, Rural Missouri, along with fiber guilds and weavers groups. Posts were made on the Facebook pages of MOPACA, Suri Alpaca Farms, Alpaca Events Nationwide, Alpaca Shows, Fiber Artists and Yarn Spinners, Alpaca Spin-Off and Fiber Arts Events Nationwide.

“This was my second time attending MOPACA. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of people walking around and checking out the vendors compared to last year. I had many people asking me a variety of feed questions. I ran out of my literature and gave away most of my samples. No doubt, was a beneficial show for me!” -– Debbie Hoffmann, Mazuri

Press releases and available photos were submitted to sixteen Missouri newspapers and fifteen Kansas newspapers. Radio advertising was used to reach people that interested in visiting the show. Two commercial stations in Kansas City aired ads for the show during the week before the show.

Spots aired on KCUR and KPR, the public radio stations in Kansas and Missouri that serve the Kansas City metro area. During the week before the show, Facebook ads were used to promote the show. This resulted in expanding our reach and increasing the number of visitors to the show. Two Kansas City television stations filmed interviews onsite at the beginning of the show; one of which aired throughout the weekend, generating terrific response.

Contact Patty Hasselbring, our Publicity Coordinator, with questions or suggestions about show publicity geared toward attracting both alpaca exhibitors and members of the public.

Please join us in 2018, as we continue to build attendance at the MOPACA Invitational Alpaca Show!


Patty Hasselbring
Publicity Coordinator

Hasselbring’s Harmony Ranch