New This Year- Walking Fleece


For those of you who have not been involved in the Walking Fleece Show before, please sign up! The walking fleece is just like a regular fleece show, only different! HaHaHa

You enter your animals, fleece on the body, and the judge examines it, judges it, and gives oral reasoning to you right there on the spot. Confirmation does not play a role in the judging, nor does the weight of the blanket, nor the uniformity of length. Instead of 100 points possible in a regular mail-in fleece show, there are 75 points possible with the walking fleece.

There is no skirting, bagging up and mailing involved, and while you are at the show you will get a second judge giving you an opinion on your animal. What more could you ask for!

Sara Jane Maclennan will be our Walking Fleece Judge this year, and she is excited about seeing as many animals as possible. If you have not entered before, NOW is the time!!!


For more information on the walking fleece, and the show rules, please visit:;jsessionid=853400B083AEF4DD98DD06B24005019E.2a