New This Year-Getting to Know Your Alpaca Fiber

Getting to Know Your Alpaca Fiber – Fiber Evaluation, Best Uses, and Processing Options

12-1 Saturday

Grab your lunch and join this free educational seminar in the Governors/Ambassadors room on the 2nd floor of Hale Arena.

Learn about alpaca fiber from Christian Davies of C & M Acres Fiber Mill located in Maxwell, Iowa. He and his wife, Michelle raise both huacaya and suri alpacas.  They are very involved in the alpaca industry including showing, breeding stock, fiber processing, fiber arts and providing educational seminars. In 2012 they started their fiber mill and can handle all processing steps in house. They process all types of fiber into roving, bumps, batts, felt and yarn.

This seminar will discuss how to evaluate alpaca fiber; micron; histograms; how fine is fine; tensile strength; staple length; density; what can affect the fiber and what it can be used for. He will also cover fiber processing options: hand processing and machine processing through a mill. This will include what steps are needed in mill processing and why the mills charge so much.