Robin Naseman
Robin Näsemann will be judging the males, both huacaya and suri. Robin was born in Germany. He attended school in England and has a masters degree in economics from the University of Lugano, Switzerland. His family started breeding alpacas in 2003 and now has a herd of 70 alpacas in the west of Germany. Since 2006, Robin is a certified Screener for the AZVD (Alpaca Breeders Association of Germany) and has screened alpacas all over Europe and South America. For several years he was a member of the board in the biggest alpaca association in mainland Europe. In 2010, he began the AOBA judging training program which he finished as a certified AOA Judge for Halter and Performance in 2013. He has judged alpaca shows in France and Canada, and gives frequent seminars about alpacas across Europe.
Wade Gease
Wade Gease is an AOA certified senior alpaca judge, judge training instructor, presenter and consultant/mediator for the worldwide alpaca industry.  He has been co-owner of LondonDairy Alpacas for almost 20 years.  He now unveils his own wholesale/retail product lines and services at www.TheAlpacaGuy.com.Wade has been honored to be involved with so many different activities in the alpaca world: presenting his personal educational seminars at pen sales, consulting, commentating, coordinating for auctions and evaluating for private alpaca breeders. But his favorite activity has been leading yearly educational trips throughout Peru.  Next trip is scheduled for June 2017 concentrating on product!Wade was the first to produce a N.A. made alpaca bamboo fabric.  Thereafter, he created an upscale clothing line highlighting alpaca fabrics, Alpaca Couture.   The company’s vision was to gain greater attention from a discriminating consumer and help the industry gain greater recognition as an attractive fiber to use.  Fashion shows were presented in Las Vegas, Orange County and San Diego.  The business transitioned into accessory lines of The Alpaca Guy.  Wade helps with Fashion Show/ Auction ordinations’ at alpaca venues.Mr. Gease also forged ahead in making alpaca materials, designing alpaca products and has created a wet felting machine for home/farm use to empower ranches to make on the farm products, The Wet Felting Wizard. It has had over 18,000 views on YouTube and has sold as far as the Netherlands & South Africa.Wade earned an Associate’s Degree in Aeronautical Science, a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry & a Masters Degree in Biochemistry.  He is also a Camelid Fibre Sorter certified from Olds College Natural Fibre Centre, Canada.  His past has given him experience as a construction worker, certified flight instructor, chemistry instructor, co-owner of a retail gift store and a sale representative for pharmaceutical companies.  He enjoys scuba diving, home improvement projects and anything related to alpaca fiber!In his past he has been a certified flight instructor, chemistry instructor, co-owner of a retail gift store, and has worked for pharmaceutical companies. Wade has earned an Associate's Degree in Aeronautical Science, a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry, and a Master’s Degree in Biochemistry.Wade likes to bring a personal teaching perspective to his judging because of his past passion of showing and professional educating. As a judge, Wade enjoys giving breeders informative feedback through his halter class oral reasons.
Stacy Heydt
Stacy Heydt will judge the fiber arts and skein competitions. She is the author of The Fiber Factor — A Simplified Guide to Alpaca Fiber; a judge for spin-off, fiber arts, and skein competitions; the chair of AOA’s Fiber and Fiber Products Committee; and the co-chair of the Camelid Community’s Fiber Committee. She is also a fiber artist who enjoys spinning, weaving, felting, knitting, crochet, and designing products for her workshops and for sale as DIY kits. Stacy offers fiber and fiber art workshops on her farm, at fiber events, and at farms around the country. She and her husband have been raising, breeding, and showing alpacas since 2001.
Andrea Nissen
Andrea Nissen will judge the spin-off. She is an award-winning fiber artist based in Fayetteville, North Carolina. As the founder and owner of Iona Rose Studio LLC, a mobile sewing and fiber arts studio, she travels the United States sharing her lifetime of experience and knowledge with students of all levels and ages. She started her fiber arts career when she was 4 years old making a hand-embroidered pillow for her mom. By high school, she had won several Best of Shows at county fairs for her sewing creations.No matter where life took Andrea, she found ways to include sewing in her adventures. At 17, she began her career in Army Journalism and public affairs. She produced television and radio stories that aired around the world, as well as writing news articles and press releases. She deployed to Iraq in 2009 and taught quilting in her free time. In 2010, a co-worker suggested she visit their alpaca farm and consider learning to work with Suri alpaca fiber. It was love at first sight! Andrea began to research how she could incorporate her knowledge of garment construction and alpaca fiber.In 2012, she graduated from Methodist University with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and earned her commission as an Army Quartermaster Officer, arriving at Fort Bragg, NC to learn the ropes of military logistics. While she spent her days in uniform, in her off time she found a spinning teacher to teach her the art of making yarn.  By 2014, she realized that as much as she enjoyed her military career, she wanted the freedom to travel to fiber events and spend more time with her family, so in 2015 she opened Iona Rose Studio, which has become a family venture. Her son, Matthew, has also caught the fiber arts bug and competes with mom to see who can obtain the highest score at fiber arts competitions.Andrea is an AOA Accredited Spin-Off Judge, a Martha Pullen Licensed Sewing Instructor (Heirloom I and Beginning Sewing for Adults and Children).  She is a member of CABO, AOA, TKGA, and the VFW.
Gayle Babcock
With a B.S. from Missouri State University that included an Art Minor with photography emphasis, Gayle Babcock has been a professional photographer specializing in architectural photography for over 25 years.  She also had done landscape and portrait work.  Most recently she has been volunteering for a Springfield, MO cat rescue group, Watching Over Whisker, creating portraits of their many felines that are available for adoption.  She has also been known to photograph her cousin’s adorable alpacas when visiting her farm.